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Meet Acevedo

For over 40 years Nick and his family have lived in Upper Deerfield Township. When first arriving to Cumberland County he fell in love with the people and the land. In that time before going to college, Nick was traveling to and spending much of his time in Washington DC writing and lobbing to implement a mobile heath service program targeted to the health of the farm workers in the area. When he returned many years later he choose Cumberland County, to live and raise a family.

As a past time, Nick enjoys fishing and outdoor activities. He has explored the finest environmental corners of Cumberland County. Quoting Businardo from his radio show; “you have to touch the earth” Nick does just that, from Parvin’s State Park to Bevins, Fortescue and Mad Horse Creek he enjoys the beauty that our area has to offer.

Nick graduated from Stockton State College with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. While still a student himself, Nick helped create of one of the first residential GED programs in the state. This residential program provided a safe space for students to finished high school while at the same time exposing them to a college environment. Nick has always said; “you can’t be or achieve something if you don’t know it exists”. These early residential programs allowed students to explore different academic fields languages and ideas. This work may have been the inspiration and foundation for programs which we now know as academic boot camps around the country.

Upon graduation, Nick continued to serve as a member of Stockton’s Community Advisory Board. For his contributions and dedication, he would later receive an Award of Appreciation for his service.

After Stockton, he joined the Office of Energy Conservation and Weatherization with the Department of Community Affairs where he contributed to the creation of the “Home Inspection Protocol”. Allowing the program to provide effective weatherization for thousands of homes to reduce their energy usage. The lives of many seniors and families in the state, were improved by cost savings and comfort.

Returning to his studies, Nick would go on to attend and graduate from Temple law school and start his own law practice in Philadelphia. He is the founder and principal of Acevedo and Associates, Attorneys at Law. His many years of legal experience and public service has afforded him the opportunity to continue to serve his community by providing many legal services to individuals, business, churches and community organizations.

As an attorney in good standing for over 30 years, Nick holds himself to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and character.

During his law career, Nick was asked to take a sabbatical from his practice to join the New Jersey Department of Commerce where he would become Vice President of Domestic and Foreign Business Attraction and Retention. While in this role he would bring many economic and business investment opportunities to South Jersey and Cumberland County, which he continues to perform today as an attorney.